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About Us

Our mission at D.O.G Nail Care Professionals is to provide dogs with a safe, low-stress, pain free nail care solution as an alternative to the traditional nail clipping and trimming services offered at grooming salons and veterinary clinics. Let us take the stress and anxiety out of nail care for both you and your dog.

Many dogs, including one of my own, have severe anxiety and become visibly stressed when it comes nail care, and this is equally as stressful for dog owners, as well. Dogs nails are much thicker than our own nails, so a great deal of pressure must be applied to cut through the nails. This pressure causes a loud crunching sound and it's also painful to many dogs.

Dogs, like humans, have nerve endings and blood vessels that run to the tip of their toes, and this bundle of nerves and vessels is called the quick. As nails grow, they extend outward and away from the quick.  To safely shorten a dogs nails you must be able to see where the quick ends, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to clearly locate the quick in most dogs’ nails.  Clipping a dogs nails without knowing the location of the quick often results in clipping through the quick and exposing the nerve endings and severing the blood vessels, which is extremely painful and very difficult to stop the bleeding.  

I've been working with dogs for over 10 years, with 8 years as a Veterinary Technician and for the past 2+ years I've worked as a dog nail care professional. I've also completed training and received Silver Level Certification from Dr. Sophia Yin's Low Stress Handling University. My professional experience combined with my training certification inspired me to work on an alternative nail care solution.

In 2020 I opened D.O.G Nail Care Professionals to provide a safe, low-stress, pain free nail care service for dogs, with NO clipping!  Our unique approach is tailored to reduce stress and anxiety, and allows us to shorten the nails of even the most difficult dogs.  We use a professional rotary tool to file the bulk of the nail down to the quick, without causing any discomfort.  The nails are then shaped and smoothed to remove any rough edges.  Our process allows us to remove more of the nail than any traditional nail service.

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